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Speaking at Celebrate Your Life was a dream come true.

But I had to teach myself to "Claim It."

Do you know how many lottery jackpots go unclaimed? An estimated $2.89 billion in 12 months alone. 

We make a wish with all our hearts and yet are taken by complete surprise when it comes true. 

And then…we panic. 

"Who am I to…?"

"But I couldn’t possibly…"

"Someone is better than me…"

Every time that little voice in my head starts singing “One of these things is not like the other…” I have to catch myself and start singing a new tune. 

Yes. Yes, I do deserve to be there. 

Dream big and get yourself ready for the day when that dream comes true. 

Living your dream means claiming ALL of who you are. It means letting go of the ways you played small so you wouldn’t upset others. It means expressing the gifts you have kept hidden. It means claiming your worth and walking with courage in the direction of your true north, despite where others tell you to go, what to say or what to do. 

Claiming your dreams means you have to change. You must start making decisions in your life from a place of "where you’re headed" instead of "where you’ve been." The old way is unsustainable in your new life.

We need your brilliance, your magic, and your unique perspectives. Share them with reckless abandon and don’t forget to enjoy the ride. 

Your dream is reaching out to you. Are you going to grab it?


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