Modern meditation teacher, artist, speaker, student and

highly experienced, enthusiastic consumer of guacamole

I have guided hundreds of people to realize and express a more authentic, heart-centered version of themselves through my unique combination of creativity, psychology, spirituality, intuition and humor. 

The heart of my work is mindset. I have a gift for seeing the light, the gifts bubbling just below the surface and the immense potential in everyone I meet. But more importantly, I help you see it in yourself.

Here, you'll find tools, knowledge and inspiration designed to help you find your path, nurture the relationship between your head and heart, heal yourself and others and discover your immense untapped talents and wisdom. 


Hello creatives ready for big breakthroughs.

Hello healers ready to do the work.

Hello entrepreneurs looking to innovate, create positive change and to transform lives.

Hello tender human hearts longing to heal.

Hello fellow souls journeying in the messy, magical process of exploring our personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial identities.


It's ok to be a little scared. To have fear. To not feel "enough" or "ready" or "worthy."

And one day, you'll be ready to let go of all of those things you can feel weighing you down. When you're ready to stop sacrificing yourself at the altar of limitations.

Because living on the sidelines and hiding under the weight of trauma, self-sabotage, and hidden unconscious agendas is NO way to live. 


I had an intensely challenging childhood as an oversensitive empath living with an addicted parent.

I faced a cancer diagnosis in my late 20's.

and I'm a serial entrepreneur and artist.

I'm living proof that anything is possible IF you can learn HOW to put your mind to it.

Achieving your big bold dreams is a matter of doing the deep inner work so you can STAY in your personal power.


I learned the power of human resiliency and compassion from being an EMT on an ALS ambulance for 4 years.


I learned how people simultaneously fear and crave being SEEN and bringing their true self to light from being a professional photographer for 20 years.


I learned how to empower my inner healer from native american ceremonies.

I learned how to finally attain the life I always dreamed of from practicing meditation.


and most importantly...


I learned how to step into my truth as an empathic energy healer from the most intensely personal and challenging project I've ever done: Love, Twelve.


This is one of the great markers in my life - my life before hearing "you have cancer" and my life after.

Life after, I learned...

that western medicine, while miraculous, is an incomplete practice

how to find space in my life for everything to be there, even when it's not OK

the healing power of a fantastical pin-up photo shoot where you get to explore femininity and identity in a fun, safe space during a time in your life when you feel the most confused, angry and lost.

I poured my heart and soul into finding a diverse group of sisters who have also faced a cancer diagnosis under the age of 45, and together we closed gaps in deep wounds and celebrated life through tears and laughter.

And this journey also led me back to the beginnng, to my roots in medicine and healing. How I had always strived through my photography to heal, to connect, and to build bridges of compassion between us. 

And that's when I realized that turning a passion into a business and the pursuit of entrepreneurship is one of the most sacred things a person can do in their life.

There is so much healing to be had by facing your fears and doing it anyway. By being brave to take the leap and bring a dream into reality. By cultivating the courage to show up every day, the patience to let it grow and the faith to stay true to yourself and in alignment with your energy, beliefs, and values.

Especially when people who speak very loudly tell you "you need" to do otherwise.

And they will.

A lot.

And this is what propelled me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace my calling in the healing arts....

To help fellow healers, entrepreneurs, creatives and changemakers break through their blocks, identify the hidden stories and programs sabotaging their success and help bring forth needed, heart-centered mini-empires into alignment.



Whether it's a creative block, a personal upheaval, or a life-threatening diagnosis, diving deep into the shadow of your psyche is one of the first steps towards bringing you to lasting change in your life.


Each and every one of us has aspects that are hidden from us that can only be found with the help of someone else. And finding and healing these are the major key to unlocking the limitless potential within yourself and your business.


The game changes BIG TIME when you commodify yourself in your business. It's important to learn how to manage this energy in your nervous system, stay true to who you are but also allow yourself the freedom and space to evolve right along with your business.


It takes GUTS to be willing to heal yourself and it's the most rewarding gift you can ever give to your life.


Do you?

If you're ready to shed all those things weighing and slowing you down, then I invite you to click the magic button below and let it be the beginning of a beautiful journey reuniting you with your power, your potential, and your success!

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